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What is Uzungol like? I will give information about Uzungöl What will be eaten in Uzungöl after this article? Where do you stay in Uzungöl? We will continue by giving answers to your questions. Untouched nature, local cuisine, clean air, unique geography and a place to visit in Trabzon Uzungol Nature Park should be taken as places where you can get a lot of fresh air in the Black Sea Tour and you can enjoy a wonderful view. Located 99 km from Trabzon and 19 km from the town of Çaykara, Uzungöl is at a height of 1090 meters above sea level and is a fascinating place for nature lovers with its steep slopes and spectacular nature.

Uzungöl Trabzon is a tourist area connected to the province of Çaykara.

It is called Uzungöl, which is formed by the rocks falling from the slopes located in the middle of the valley and closing the front of Haldizen. Uzungöl is surrounded by forests of black pine and other Black Sea mountain trees.

A clear clear watery stream flowing in a valley in the pit is poured into a narrow and long small lake. The overflowing water reaches the Solaklı creek stream and from there to the sea of ​​Of.

Uzungol is Very Beatiful

There are various wild animal species such as bear, wolf, fox, wild goat, Caucasian mountain rooster in the mountains around Uzungol.

Uzungöl formed in the valley of Haldizen stream is a result of the forests around the lake formed by the dam closure of the creek bed as a result of the landslide and the nature wonders in our country.

The old timber houses in the local style are complementary to this natural beauty.

Uzungöl Natural Park is a good holiday place for those who want to stay in the nature with their extreme warmth, and it is a place where both domestic and foreign tourists flock.

Nature passioners who prefer Uzungölü have a chance to see other beauties around. They can see 7 crater lakes like Aygır Lake at an altitude of 2700 meters.

If you go to the jungle, we suggest you to wake up early in the morning and walk around the lake in silence with the birth of the sun, deep breathing. You can also take beautiful landscapes, nature photographs while walking.

Uzungol Nature Park is suitable for natural scenery, walking, climbing and botanical tourism.

How to get to Uzungol?

It is 99 km to Trabzon and 20 km to Çaykara district. The transportation alternatives are also increasing in Uzungöl in the summer months when tourist concentration is increasing. Many tourist agencies, bus companies and Çaykara Tour in Trabzon are organizing day trips to Uzungöl, which has the great tourism capacity of Trabzon. With the decreasing visitor potential in autumn and winter season, transportation options to the region are decreasing. Only Çaykara Tour provides continuous transportation within the year. Other agencies and bus companies provide seasonal transportation.

Road Transportation

First of all, in order to reach Trabzon, you need to know that there are bus services to every region of Turkey from the city terminal. After arriving at the bus station located in Degirmendere, you can reach Uzungöl every year with Çaykara Tur which departs from Çömlekçi district. There is a service to Uzungöl every 30 minutes on every hour of the day with Çaykara Tour Minibuses located in Trabzon Central Pottery District.

If you are thinking of going with your private vehicle, the route you will follow from Trabzon is Trabzon> Yomra> Arsin> Araklı> Sürmene> Of> Çaykara> Uzungöl. After arriving in the village of Çaykara, Dernekpazarı, passing through the western edge of the Solaklı Valley, Uzungöl marked the road with a traffic sign, and about 44 km. You can reach Uzungöl from the road. Uzungöl is just above the Çaykara county and about 1000 meters above sea level.

How to get to Uzungöl in Turkey?

The path leading to the jungle always follows the valley of the left-handed mountain, and along the road, the vegetation that you can see every green tone according to the typical Black Sea climate and the village-specific village houses built in different parts of the mountains accompany you along the way. In this way you can see colorful tea gardens and beautiful tea gardens as you travel.

Not only Uzungol you are aiming to go to, you can see many places where you can stop and spend all the time in beauty. For those who want to go to Uzungöl with Çaykara Tour buses, you can get here from Trabzon to Çaykara Tour Departure Hours here, from Uzungöl to the list of departure times of Çaykara Tour Buses. Rize, those who want to reach Uzungöl by Artvin do not need to reach Trabzon. They can reach uzungöl by turning to Uzungol road from Of province. You can go to Uzungöl daily and return to Trabzon in the evening. You can also stay in hotels and pensions in Uzungöl. Uzungölden up, Soğanlı Mountain or Sultan Murat Plateau can continue.

The road that goes up from Çaykara is connected to Bayburt, not to be the main road. If you are an adventurous person, you can continue from Uzungöl to Bayburt.

If you are planning to stay in Trabzon or to stay in Rize, please note that the distance between Trabzon Of is 45 kilometers and the distance between Of Rize is 25 kilometers. (Not so far!)

Transportation by Air

Trabzon Airport International transport is open. If you want to spend time to visit Uzungol from a distance to Trabzon and do not want to waste your time on long roads, the shortest way to get there by plane is via Trabzon. The closest airport to Uzungöl is located in Trabzon and there are daily flights from different countries of Turkey every day. The airport is also built near the city center like a bus station and does not last 10 minutes to the city center. After arriving in Trabzon by air, you need to reach one of the transportation options mentioned above to get to Uzungöl. In addition to domestic flights, reciprocal flights are organized for many countries abroad.

Access by sea

Trabzon Port to Samsun, Istanbul and Izmir are organized flights. These flights are made more frequently due to the concentration of tourism especially during the summer months. In addition, sea expeditions are organized in the CIS countries. Often the option of sea road transportation is not preferred by local tourists.