How to Catch Mouse? 3 Wisely Method

How to Catch Mouse? 3 Wisely Method

Mice can be a common problem at home. So much so that many people choose cat feeding to control the mouse population in their homes. It is not difficult to understand why rats that bite your food, ruin your furnishings and leave your left and right stools are not wanted because of the hygiene problem in your home.

However, there are other solutions than disposing of mice. You can also get rid of human rats in your home. This article will explain how you will catch mice and the types of effective but humane mouse traps. You do not have to panic when you see a mouse again! You can evacuate these little creatures safely and easily from your home.

You can buy cage-type humane traps that can help you catch mice and even rats alive. Such traps behave much better with mice than with mice that kill traps or mouse sticks. Besides, you can easily make your own humanistic mouse closure at home by trying one of the following methods:

Flatten a finished toilet paper or paper towel so that one side of the cardboard rollers can stand on a table or a bench evenly.

Place your feed on one end of the roll. Peanut butter is cut for this job because it sticks to the sides of the roller.

Very Easy Catch Mouse

Balance the roll so that it will stand in the middle of a table or half of the counter. Make sure you place the bait on the side that is in the empty space. You can use tape to hold the roller in place, but be careful that the tape does not hold the roller too tightly. Your roller should be so unstable and unstable that it will not carry the weight of the biceps.

Place a pail of at least 60 centimeters tall (so that the mouse can not jump out) directly under the edge of the table or countertop.

Now all you have to do is wait for the pharynx to grab the bait and let the roller fall into the hive.

Check the door frequently. Once you have caught pharyngitis, you can safely release it to the environment at least a few kilometers away from your home.

Water Bottle and Bucket

For this mouse trap you will also need a bucket of at least 60 centimeters high. Also, an empty water bottle and a wire hanger are required.

With an electric drill, drill holes at the same height, facing each other on both sides of the top of the housing. When using such tools, be sure to use protective equipment and observe the instructions for use of the appliance.

Cut the flat part of the wire hook with the steel wire cutter and separate it from the rest.

Take your plastic bottle and make sure the lid is completely closed. Then make a hole in the lid and in the bottom of the bottle.

Get in one of the holes in the tin box. Put the bottle over the teleport and place it in the other hole in the cow so that the tressed bottle will stand in the air in the middle.

Place your food on the bottle. You can cover the bottle with peanut butter that will easily stick to its surface.

Create a ramp where the pharynx can go up.

Your mouse is ready to close. When the mouse, catching the eye, comes out of the bottle, the bottle will start spinning and the mouse will fall down the barrel.