How do you paint the car rim?

How do you paint the car rim?

We will try to tell you how your wheels of your car or your motor can be painted without disassembling. Let’s explain what we need to do in the rim painting business.

Materials required for paint:

1- Car Rim Paint.

2- Car Rim Varnish.

3- Emery. (Thick and thin)

4- Shoe Spray.

5- Old Newspaper and band.

How to make?

How do you paint the car rim? First of all, where do you paint your car’s wheels? The answer to this question really matters. It’s also important if you do not have a car next to your car when you paint. Among the possibilities for you to fight with the owner of the other vehicle if paint dust sticks to another car. That’s why the car should not be next to your car. In short, you can paint your car’s rims early in the morning in market areas or near the school garden.

Of course, it is also important that the market area is not established. Another point is that the rim of the vehicle is a dust-free area to be painted. This means that the dyeing process will be an occasion for the fly / insects to cling to the junctures on the grass or in the ground. After we’ve done our warnings, we’re going to paint the rims of our car.

Watch our video before try.