Gold Search with Gold Detector

Gold Search with Gold Detector

How to use the gold detector? Is it necessary to use a metal detector? How is the treasure chisel done? How to find the treasure sign? How to search for treasure? How to read the treasure map? How to determine the treasury of historical artifacts…

I will tell you where your friends who have decided to make a treasure search will start and follow the steps and reach the end. We guarantee that anyone who makes these three steps correctly will find the treasure. Their experiences have been experienced.

How to Perform a Treasure Search

# STEP 1: You should find clear signs in the first rule. What matters to us is the real case. You should start by working on the signs we see, our logic, which we have seen, that we call these treasure hints. This is our starting point. If we can not determine which period and which civilization a mark belongs to, it is the most important requirement of this job to find friends with technical characteristics and experiences, if we do not have enough knowledge in this area.

Determining whether there is a treasure in the geographical structure of the preliminary evaluation phase is a priority research topic in terms of the treasure hunter. Do not forget that the environment in which a treasure hunter will research is the earth’s solid crust, which is formed of various forms such as mountains, plains, valleys, consisting of stone and earth. Parallel to this, water is an indispensable necessity for us. The elements that make up this kind of natural environment are the treasure hunters, the definition is the elements that should be well understood. During the research you can not get support from a mountain teacher in the city. Here you should get support from those who understand the mountains, rocks and valleys we call solid crust of the world you need to understand. This is our first rule.

It is necessary to know the geography you are in with a good surface work to be done in this process and we should not know the traditions of living communities. We must now begin to locate by way of the triangulation of signs, geographical structures and traditions. At least two people who know at least two to three days to do this surface survey is required. But in this way we can make logical determinations.

Define Search with Gold Detector

# STEP 2: You have done the above, but you can not find a treasure. Let’s come to plan B now. The mechanisms that you will receive support at this stage are define search devices. Be careful that you do not plan on plan B without making sure that you have applied all of the above. Because it is a costly support mechanism. You should have reliable sources before deciding to get support from devices such as a gold detector. It must be approved by those who know it. Because the gold detector does not find a definition. It only confirms the points identified by known persons. We do not recommend depositing money to the detective unless there are at least two or three suspicious places in your hand. This is the second time we found our treasure. I accept your detector and if you still can not find the treasure, let’s go to plan C.

What if the Three Letters are Musallat?

# STEP 3: One of the sine qua non of the treasure chest is three letters and charm. Most of the friends who do all the necessary operations but do not get to the end are mostly talisman of the place where they are searched. Now I will tell you how to fight them. First of all, it is known that a bee is a bug, a rose is a flower, and a demon is a demon. When you are human, we call it charm, and there are three letters. What you need to understand here is what you do not know what you have never seen. Do not forget that you are the first person to do here, you are the most valuable of the creators. First know it, then your Lord is known, prevail yourself, use yourself as a key. Do not think the three letters are superior to you. Do not be afraid of them, but establish a firm bond with Allah. Just fear Allah. Read plenty of verses.

Remember that the three letters were created from a powerful fire that could pass through the human body. In this way, they can penetrate our nervous system and intervene in normal thinking. You have to be more nervous and stressed than you should be during the excavation. In this process you can get teacher support. The priority here is how accurate the teacher you get support is. Do you do this job to satisfy your ears, or do you do it to get the share from the amount that comes out? Buying a wrong teacher will harm you, not your contribution. Even if you have decided the right teacher, you have to be an individual to be a priority person in order to get goods. It is impossible to buy goods if you have one grievance. All your work will be wasted.

True Treasure Story

Make this paragraph understandable by a story. Two friends went to treasure dig. One is the only other married father of three children. He always prayed when he was married; My God, I am married, I am a child, I have a child, I have something here, and this friend is married if I have a home or a child. The only one is Allah, I do not need money for me, but this man has three children, he has left me, and he has always passed through his heart to give him a benefit for this man. Then a shepherd passing by saw them; You guys are looking for treasure in the wrong place, everyone says that the mountain is on the other side of the mountain looking for there is nothing on this side and gone. After that, these two friends found the place where it was never meant to be.

This is the biggest influence in finding this treasure. If your hearts are not clean, you will not find a treasure. If your heart is not clean, you will not find it again. The first priority to find a treasure is to find the right people.