BMW 5 Series 2017 Remote Control Parking

BMW 5 Series 2017 Remote Control Parking

The seventh-generation car, aiming to sustain the great success of the BMW 5 Series sedan, the longest-selling best-selling model in the business sedan segment, took its place at Borusan Automotive Authorized Dealers starting at 86 thousand euros.

BMW-MINI General Manager Ayhan Meter said that the 5 series is in a very important position in BMW. “One of the 4 BMWs we sold is 5 series. In the fifth generation of the 5th series, we aim to sell 50,000 units in the coming period. Turkey is the 12th largest market in the world among BMW sales in the world. There is a wind resistance coefficient. It has a value of 0.22 equivalent to sports cars. It’s 100 pounds lighter than the old trunk. We have launched 2 engines in Turkey. 5.20 diesel and 5.30 i. As of September we will present the 5.20i 1.6 motor with the market “.

The new BMW 5 Series is also equipped with smart driving assistant systems and digital parking services at the top level for semi-independent driving. Introduced as the ‘most innovative, sporty business sedan’, the new BMW 5 Series also offers low carbon emissions. The new BMW 5 series also uses a touch-sensitive remote control key, previously offered in the Turkish market in the 7 series. The car is operated and can be moved forward and backward without entering the car with the remote control. It can be parked by moving the vehicle from a narrow area or from the garage.